Basic Guide to Essential Paragliding Gear

paragliding gear

Paragliding is different from other sports. It can be practiced as an extreme sport where participants try to push their skill levels to the max. But it can also be enjoyed simply as a recreational sport where ordinary people can enjoy fabulous views of the countryside. However you choose to take part in paragliding, there is some basic gear that you will need. Specifically, you will need a wing, cables and a harness, and something […] Read more »

Three Steps to Getting Started with Paragliding


Getting started with paragliding is easy as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Beginning this new sport safely involves being familiar with all your gear, staying up on weather conditions, and getting some basic training. Let’s take a closer look at these steps to getting started with paragliding. First of all, you should be familiar with all of your paragliding gear. You should fully understand the function of every single piece. Fortunately, there […] Read more »

Is Paragliding Safe?

paragliding safety

The idea of flying without having to climb into an airplane appeals to many people. Paragliding offers spectacular views, time outdoors and a combination of peacefulness and adrenaline rush that few other sports can match. But if you are new to the sport or just thinking about starting, you may be wondering is paragliding is safe? Even though paragliding is known as an extreme sport, it is safer than you might think. Paragliding as a […] Read more »

How to Choose a Paragliding Helmet

paragliding helmet

Paragliding helmets are specifically designed for air sports. Don’t try to multitask with your motorcycle, bicycle or football helmet! Aviation helmets have twin shell construction. The outer shell is hard and is designed to keep objects from penetrating the helmet. The inner shell is made to absorb energy to reduce head injuries. Whether you choose an open face helmet or a full face helmet is a matter of personal preference. If you want maximum protection, […] Read more »

What Are the Differences between Paragliding, Parasailing and Hang Gliding?

paragliding vs parasailing

If you are itching to soar like a bird without the hassle of being frisked at the airport, then you need to get involved with paragliding. You may have heard about paragliding before, but aren’t quite sure how it compares to hang gliding or even parasailing. There are definite differences between these activities. The experience that you get with each differs as well. Keep reading to find out the specifics on the differences between paragliding, […] Read more »