The Freedom of Powered Paragliding

If you have thought about trying out paragliding, but you don’t want to be dependent on the wind or thermal updrafts, you need to take a look at powered paragliding. Powered paragliders give you more control over your flight. They are considered safer than unpowered models. Powered paragliding is also an excellent first step on the path to flying ultra-light aircraft. Traditional paragliding is totally dependent on weather conditions. You must have wind to launch […] Read more »

A Look at the Flytec 6015 Variometer/GPS

Paragliding is more enjoyable when you can stay light. What’s the point of breaking the bonds of earth if you are weighed down with all sorts of gear and equipment? Any time you can take two pieces of essential gear and combine them into one unit, that’s a good thing. This is exactly what the Flytec 6015 Variometer/GPS does. By integrating GPS features into an advanced variometer, Flytec has managed to take two things out […] Read more »

Do You Really Need Paragliding Goggles?

You will often see people paragliding without special eyewear, relying instead on ordinary sunglasses. Although this can certainly be done, there are some benefits to be gained if you buy and wear goggles designed especially for paragliding. The wrap-around protection of goggles will give you more protection from the wind. You will also be better protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun. The design of goggles can also provide better comfort and less-restricted […] Read more »

What to Look for in a Paragliding Flight Suit

A paragliding flight suit is important for your comfort and safety. It will keep you warm and dry during flight. It will make you more visible on the ground. And it will provide protection against foliage during launches and landings. What should you look for when shopping for a paragliding flight suit? Look for waterproof, not just weatherproof. You might not think this would be an issue since most paragliders don’t fly in the rain. […] Read more »

Choosing a Helmet Camera to Capture Your Paragliding Flights

Have you ever wished you could share the great views you experience when paragliding? Well, one option would be to get a tandem harness and take everyone up to see the sights. But you and I both know there are few people you will never talk into getting off the ground. For those people in your life, you need a video of your flights. One of the most popular ways to record extreme sports like […] Read more »